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This for members selling on Amazon.

One of the advantages we build into AmazonList is the ability of members to create their own store.

  • First, members may participate in any group, but may form their own special group.
  • Create a Group in YOUR STORE NAME
  • Make sure you carefully describe yur group for viewers, by stating your background brief trust-inducing info that references other sites where you are active: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.
  • Offer products that are offered on other platforms, including your own businerss or personal website
  • You will be able to set your logo and banner
  • Set controls regarding who may join your group, if at all.
  • Display your products, complete with a "buy link."
  • NOTE: The images you post will be shown in ur general "Photo Listing". Make sue they are approproate and of the best resolution possible for online viewing. Normally, 72k is standardm however you may use higher res images, subject to the size limits in place here.