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This group is for authors who have submitted books for film adaptation consideration.

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  • I have attempted to load my file and all I get is error. Does anyone answer questions? Would like to upload my file since I have already filled out the form for Books to Film. HELP - PLEASE! THANK YOU!
    • Elena. Your form was submitted and I can send you the PDF created from your submission.

      1. When you click the MyBooksToFilm tab in the menu, you see the Submissions Form tab.
      2.When you complete the submission form, you get a message at the top of the page that says: Your Submission Was Recorded, Edit Submission or Make New Submission.
      3. That's It. Your form is received.
      4. We suggest you then create an article or form a group in your name where you upload your book image and add details on your book. (instruction shown on the MyBooksToFilm menu page.)

      I hope that explains everything. Your form was indeed uploaded. I am sending you the PDF of your submission. We provide it to film industry inquiries.

    • Elena, I will exam the issue by uploading a file and see if I get an error. That will allow me to trouble shoot. One you have uploaded a file, there should be no further message except a verified upload alert. I will exam right away. - Gene.
    • Thank you, Gene. Good luck, Elena.
    • Elena, I think you have to put your books into the "My Store" section in the blue ribbon of the top of the page before they can be added to the MyBooksToFilm part of this site. I have had similar problems. But at least I think all my books are in the store and thus eligible for other parts of the benefits offered by this site.
    • Thanks, Carolyn - appreciate the response. Will try again to upload my file.
    • You can find Gene Cartwright or Jane Dickey here to ask and I know they will appreciate knowing where rough spots lie or real glitches! On twitter you can find them Gene @genecartwright. Hope this helps.
      Best, Carolyn
  • Gene and Jane, it looks as if I found may way to this page. Love to add a couple of my out-of-print-but-still-available on Amazon's New and Used Feature on this page. Not finding a way to do it. Gene, love your books I see below! And thanks for the featured spot for my new (2nd edition) The Great First Impression Book Proposal on your home page!
    Hugs as always, my two brilliants!
    • Hi Carolyn, the link to add book images is "Photos" tab at the top of this page right beneath the social network links. That will open a page with "add photos" right at top left, beneath the banner. - Gene Look forward to seeing those images.
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