JA Bowman-Continuum

The compilation of the Historical Events of Mankind on Earth from 450,000 B.C. to 0 B.C.
"The Continuum", a series of events that cannot be separated, is an attempt to logically and chronologically record a continuity through time and space from the creation of Earth, the colonization of Earth, the promulgation of Mankind on Earth to that particular period when the division of time occurred at 0 BC and The Son of The God Of The Universe had fulfilled His mission and departed Earth.
Events that are recorded as having occurred in the Near East, Africa, and Egypt have been assimilated into a continuous and brief documentation for a more complete understanding of our history.

The Continuum is available from: ISBN# 9781435714318

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  • This is my husband's book. It is historical and Biblical in nature and it's the only book he has written. He wrote this book to answer questions that were on his mind. I just couldn't leave it behind. He spent two years researching this book. Did he find what he was looking for? Enough to satisfy his curiousity.

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